St Peter Sr. Sec. School, Kichha

St. Peter's Sr. Sec. School is a co-educational institution where boys and girls grow up together in a healthy atmosphere of equality and mutual respect. This institution conducts classes from Ist to XIIth School.

The School aims at developing the all around personality of a child in a climate of freedom and personal responsibility.

It strives to make learning a joyful experience of discovery and creative thinking.

It seeks to institutionalise the pursuit of the national goals of justice, equality, liberty, and fraternity in the school system through appropriate teaching and learning techniques.

It seeks to promote social integration through the merging of children belonging to different economic groups thereby enabling parents through mutual help, to fulfil there common responsibility for the education of their children.

It inculcates in the students the Gandhian values of the dignity of labour and community service as integral part of education.